Romney Wants Immediate Delivery Of Fighter Jets

( Last week after several days of bungled messaging, the Biden administration announced on Wednesday that it would not pursue a deal with Poland to transfer MiG fighter jets to Ukraine. And freshman Utah Senator Mitt Romney is big mad about it.

During a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Thursday, Romney kvetched over the White House’s decision saying he did not understand the administration’s logic in refusing to transfer the MiGs to Ukraine “immediately.”

It was reported on Friday that President Biden personally intervened to stop the discussions after the Pentagon and the intel community warned that a transfer of jets may be perceived by the Kremlin as an escalation that could raise the risk of direct conflict between the US and Russia.

But Mitt Romney has been fantasizing about a war between the United States and Russia for years. So he doesn’t see the “logic” of the move.

He said the White House has not provided the logic behind its decision either to the Foreign Relations Committee “or to the nation.” “It makes no sense,” Romney said.

It only “makes no sense” if you don’t care about escalating an already deadly conflict and risking an all-out war between Russia and NATO countries.

The warmongering Mitt dismissed the “sentiment” that we should be fearful about what Vladimir Putin might do if we escalate the situation. Then the tough-talking chickenhawk declared it was time for Putin to be fearful of what America might do.

Sadly, Mitt isn’t the only Republican banging the war drums. After the White House scrapped the planned transfer of MiGs, 40 of the 50 Senate Republicans signed on to a letter demanding President Biden reconsider the transfer.

The Republican senators argued that the US and NATO have already imposed economic sanctions on Russia and supplied Ukraine with weapons and military supplies, so what’s the big deal if we send them a squadron of fighter jets?

Romney demanded that State and Defense officials explain to Congress why the transfer was halted, adding “This is war. People are dying.”

Romney said Ukraine is asking for the planes, so the US needs to get the planes to them “immediately.”

Ukraine is also asking the US and NATO to enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine which would lead us into a direct shooting war with Russia. Does Mitt Romney want that too just because Ukraine is asking for it?

Here’s the bottom line. Mitt Romney wants the United States to enter this conflict. He wants America to go to war.

Maybe it’s a good thing he lost in 2012.