Ron DeSantis Becomes Top Republican Leader Pushing Forward Party

( Over the weekend Florida hosted the largest outdoor concert since before the COVID pandemic began, and Governor Ron DeSantis was greeted like a rock star.

“Florida chose Freedom over Faucism.”

It is undeniable that Ron DeSantis has become the superstar of the Republican Party. And he has done it by refusing to be cowed into submission by the Democrats, by the Establishment, and by the media.

In just a short span of time this spring, DeSantis has signed into law bills that, among other things defend Floridians from social media censorship, protect girls and women’s sports, and protect Floridians from violent rioters like those who destroyed cities last summer.

And on Monday, DeSantis signed two bills into law that seek to combat the influence of the Chinese Communist Party. The first bill defends public institutions from “undue foreign influence” and prohibits any agreements between public entities and the CCP. The second bill criminalizes the theft or trafficking in trade secrets.

Because of his consistent effort to beat back the Left, the attacks on DeSantis have been relentless.

But as Rush Limbaugh was fond of saying, you know whom the left fears by whom they attack. And they fear DeSantis.

His leadership during the COVID Pandemic was exactly as he called it, choosing “Freedom over Faucism.” And while the media never tired of issuing portends of doom over DeSantis’ refusal to subject Florida to the same kind of onerous lockdowns as New York or California, their portends of doom never materialized. Instead, DeSantis was proven right time after time.

The Democrats have no governor who comes close to DeSantis’ successes.

What’s more, DeSantis has for all intents and purposes become the living embodiment of the America First agenda. He is out-Trumping Trump.

There is no doubt the Democrat Party, as well as the corporate media, fear a possible DeSantis 2024 run for President.

And while some Republicans have suggested Ron DeSantis as a possible running mate should Donald Trump seek the White House again in 2024, there are other Republicans who prefer Trump step back and let DeSantis run for the nomination himself.

There is no doubt he would be a formidable candidate.