Ron DeSantis Gets Surprise Endorsement

Although Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has not officially declared his campaign for president, he received the endorsement of another House Republican on Wednesday.

Former Kentucky congressman and DeSantis ally Thomas Massie has urged other Republicans to support Florida’s new governor.

Massie said America needs a resolute leader who respects the Constitution, knows policy, puts family first, and leads by inspiring.

“I’m voting for Ron DeSantis because of this same reason,” said Massie.

He said it’d been a privilege to count Ron DeSantis as a friend over the last ten years. He saw Ron battle for free markets, individual rights, fiscal prudence, and constitutionally limited government throughout their six years together in Congress.

Massie stated that Ron has always surrounded himself with skilled individuals who share his ideals, both in his congressional office and as Governor. He has never shied away from a confrontation with the big players in medicine, agriculture, and IT because he understands that putting America first means putting Individuals first, not businesses. 

Massie said, “The finest days of America are ahead of us if we make the proper decisions. Let’s choose a leader with the experience and energy to bring us there. Put Ron DeSantis in the Oval Office.”

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan has come under fire from Massie, who has said that Ryan did not provide enough time for lawmakers to review and discuss proposals during his tenure as speaker. Last week, Massie publicly debated gun control with New York’s far-Left Democratic Representative Jamaal Bowman, during which he argued for increased school safety.

Massie’s support for DeSantis follows that of Texas Representative Chip Roy, who endorsed DeSantis because he feels the country needs a leader to defend her and “empower the people against the destructive force of unrestrained government.”