Ron DeSantis Is Campaigning With Pro-Trans Governor

According to a report, Senate Bill 163 was passed into law by Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo, making it mandatory for health insurance providers to cover sex change procedures on minors

On Saturday, Ron DeSantis and Joe Lombardo will be campaigning in Nevada. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is out campaigning alongside one of the few Republican governors in the nation who supports child mutilation while telling GOP voters he is against the practice. 

Former Florida candidate Laura Loomer tweeted about Ron DeSantis’ hypocrisy, saying his campaign social media accounts constantly manipulate voters through gaslighting. Today, the DeSantisWarRoom account claimed that President Trump advocated transgender women. But now Governor Ron DeSantis will campaign in Nevada with Governor Joe Lombardo, who recently signed a bill that mandates health insurance firms, including Medicaid, to provide coverage for transgender operations, also known as genital mutilation.

Loomer accused Ron DeSantis and his backers of being paid liars who are blaming Donald Trump for something their own failed candidate did.  Loomer then told social media users to refer to the provided evidence.

According to reports, Lombardo has angered Republican voters in Nevada by signing SB163. In a tweet, Sigal Chattah, chairwoman of the Nevada Republican National Committee, said of Lombardo that Nevada’s “GOP” Governor has unfortunately become a laughingstock across the country.

Harmeet K. Dhillon, an attorney for Tucker Carlson, tweeted her criticism of Lombardo for signing every piece of legislation presented by the left, including the mandate for gender surgical coverage. Dhillon also suggested that the governor did this to persuade the legislature to provide a baseball arena for the Oakland A’s in Las Vegas. But she wondered who would cover the cost of detransitioning for patients who regret their decision.

In contrast to other Republican governors nationwide who have championed anti-transgender mutilation measures, Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo reportedly approved two bills pertaining to transgender rights and denied another.

In addition, he signed a law earlier this month that mandates cultural competence training for prison staff and the adoption of medical and mental health guidelines for gender-nonconforming and transgender prisoners.

Donald Trump has promised to ban the practice of mutilation on minors.