Ron DeSantis Is Preparing To Help Students Get Work As Nurses

( This week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced a significant investment to train more nurses in the state.

During a press conference at Seminole State College’s Sanford/Lake Mary campus, DeSantis announced the approval of allocating $125 million toward nursing education programs in the 2022/23 budget.

Of that, $100 million will go toward the creation of the PIPELINE program (Prepping Institutions, Programs, Employers, and Learners through Incentives for Nursing Education) to reward colleges and universities for their nursing programs based on the success of their students.

The funding will also include scholarships for nurses, a student loan reimbursement program, expanding infrastructure at schools providing nursing education, as well as salary and recruitment incentives for nurses within the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

In addition to that, another $25 million will go to establishing the LINE fund (Linking Industry to Nursing Education). The LINE fund will go to colleges to recruit faculty and preceptors, with funds matched by healthcare partnerships in their communities.

The additional funding for Florida Nursing Education comes after the COVID pandemic revealed a shortage of nurses nationwide. Currently, Florida is projected to be short 59,100 nurses by 2035.

Watch a clip from Monday’s press conference: