Ron DeSantis Says Controversial Law About Coal Is About “Control”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that the controversial New York City proposal to ban coal-fired ovens is about “control,” according to The Daily Caller News Foundation. The comment came after the New York City Department of Environmental Protection reportedly proposed new rules requiring pizza places to reduce emissions by 75 percent, according to The New York Post.   

To effectively do that, the department argues, pizza places will be required to buy emission-controlled devices if they have an oven installed before May 2016. One pizzeria owner in Brooklyn said that he has invested $20,000 on an air filter system while expecting the mandate to take effect. 

DEP spokesman Ted Timbers defended the proposal by claiming that New Yorkers “deserve to breathe healthy air.” But critics of the plan are already noting that it will create financial hardship and cause small businesses to shut down, which was already happening in 2020. 

A video from New York artist and activist Scott LoBaido was posted on Twitter. LoBaido is seen throwing pizzas across the fence at City Hall. He called it the New York Pizza, referencing the Boston Tea Party. LoBaido noted that while the city is facing rising crime and men dancing in front of children naked for pride, the mayor is more concerned about pizza. 

While on Fox News, DeSantis said that on the political left, they are concerned about “controlling behavior,” claiming that their policies are not about health. DeSantis said that Florida lawmakers had tried to go after gas stoves. In response, the governor made the stoves tax-free. He is now calling on New York pizzerias to come to Florida, saying that he will roll out the red carpet. 

This is a similar tactic DeSantis tried in 2020 and 2021 at the height of the race riots around the country. To every officer facing low morale, he offered them a $5,000 bonus to relocate to Florida, according to CNN.