Ron DeSantis Says Joe Biden “Doesn’t Give A **** About COVID”, Calls Mandates a Power Play

( Remember when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was forced to sit next to President Joe Biden and be civil, in the wake of the tragic collapse of a condo building in his state? Well, now that Biden is back in Washington, D.C. and DeSantis is focusing on protecting the people of his state from big government, the gloves are truly off.

During last Tuesday’s episode of the Mark Levin Show, Governor DeSantis hit out at the controversial president and his administration, describing how they intend to have kindergartners “muzzled with a mask.”

It comes after the Centers for Disease Control reversed their May 13 recommendation that people who have received the vaccine can stop wearing masks in public. The CDC has since said that people who are fully vaccinated should once again wear masks while indoors, and recommended that children in K-12 schools be forced to wear masks as they return to full in-person learning.

Florida’s Broward school board also ruled last week that children will be required to wear masks upon returning to class after the summer.

DeSantis said that Biden and his administration “don’t give a damn about COVID” when it’s an issue of illegal aliens – who are largely unvaccinated – swarming the southern border, but American children are forced to suffer.

DeSantis said that it makes no sense to muzzle children with a mask when COVID-19 poses no risk to children, and that the Biden administration is banning people from seeing loved ones from overseas. As it stands, European citizens are unable to visit the United States after he reversed Trump’s lifting of the travel ban the moment he entered the White House.

DeSantis, who is widely considered to be a top contender for the Republican nomination for president in 2024, firmly put Biden and his administration in their place over the hypocrisy – and it bodes well for the people of Florida.

Hopefully, DeSantis and Republican legislators in his state can stop the new rules from being enforced.

You can listen to his appearance on the Mark Levin Show here.