Ron DeSantis Takes On Racial Issue In Statement To The Public

( Popular Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis is criticized all the time by far-left Democrats for being “far right” or a “racist,” but during a roundtable discussion in Miami on Monday, the governor explained his vision for stripping Florida of racism in schools – and it starts with banning Critical Race Theory.

DeSantis spoke about his state’s stance against the racist left-wing theory, which tells Black Americans that they are victims and White Americans that they are oppressors, and his decision to block it from being taught in Florida schools.

“One of the reasons we’re opposing CRT in schools…we want all the kids treated as individuals,” he said.

Does that sound like something a racist would say? No, it doesn’t.

DeSantis said that he wants children to be judged on the content of their character, on their talents, and not on the color of their skin. It’s exactly the message pushed by Martin Luther King Jr., and a message that the Democrats seem to have abandoned.

DeSantis insisted that children should not be separated into racial groups or pitted against each other in the classroom, adding that Floridians are all Americans regardless of their race.

“We’ve got to stop dividing people,” he said, adding that children shouldn’t be taught to hate America.

The governor said that he plans to ensure that schooling in Florida is entirely CRT-free by the end of this legislative session.

When a governor repeatedly calls on schools to drop the obsession with race, how is it that this governor is slammed as a racist? And how long will the Democrats keep getting away with telling these blatant, offensive lies?