Ron DeSantis Tells Democrats To “Get Out” Of Their Bubble

( The Daily Wire released the results of a survey it conducted over the weekend that found Florida’s “Parental Rights in Education” law has vast support among the American people.

When asked if they support banning classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in grades K-3, 64 percent of respondents support the law while only 21 percent oppose it. And that broad support is bipartisan, with 69 percent of Republicans, 62 percent of Democrats, and 57 percent of independents favoring the Florida law.

The Florida law also enjoys 68 percent support among respondents who are parents of school-age children.

The survey asked respondents if they believe it is appropriate or inappropriate for teachers to instruct K-3 children on “various sexual orientations.” The vast majority, 65 percent of all respondents and 69 percent of parents, believe it is inappropriate. Only 21 percent of respondents said it was appropriate.

The survey also asked if it was appropriate or inappropriate for teachers to instruct K-3 children on gender identities and transgenderism. And once again, the vast majority, 66 percent of all respondents and 69 percent of parents said it was inappropriate. Only 20 percent said it was appropriate.

Despite the broad bipartisan support among the American people, the media continues to attack the measure while falsely portraying it as the “Don’t Say Gay” law.

During a press conference in Tallahassee on Monday, Governor Ron DeSantis was once again peppered with questions from reporters who can’t stop lying about the Parental Rights in Education law.

And, as he always does, DeSantis turned the tables and hit back twice as hard.

He said the reporters who keep saying companies won’t want to do business in Florida unless the state permits classroom instruction on sex for grades K-3 that they “need to get out of their bubble and talk to parents in this state.”

DeSantis said Florida parents don’t want that kind of instruction in “kindergarten or first or second grade,” adding “We want our kids to be kids.”

From the results of the Daily Wire poll, it’s clear that it isn’t just parents in Florida who don’t want that garbage taught to K-3 children. It’s the vast majority of parents in the country.

Democrats are fools to run against this.