Ron DeSantis Wouldn’t Mention Trump When Asked About 2024

( Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appeared on Fox & Friends on a Monday morning. During his visit, he was questioned about recent political attacks against him, many of which came from other Republican politicians.

One name was noticeably absent during the broadcast: Donald Trump, the ex-president.

As part of his four-city tour of what he considers progressive communities that are soft on crime and immigration, DeSantis was interviewed live from a diner on Staten Island crowded with local police officers. Fox & Friends was keen to emphasize the move since it is the kind of attention-seeking move a possible presidential contender could make.

The interview was much of the usual firebrand political fluff. They asked if he knew the significance of President Joseph Biden’s recent visit to a conflict zone not under U.S. military control.

The governor of Florida sneered at the Biden administration, saying this was just one example of how little they cared about the boundaries of Ukraine’s borders but those of the United States.

Nikki Haley, a former member of Trump’s cabinet and the governor of South Carolina, and Larry Hogan, a former governor of Maryland, were the subjects of some of the most fascinating questions Lisa Boothe posed near the interview’s conclusion. She asked DeSantis what he thought of the intraparty attacks made at fellow Republicans.

But most perplexing was why Trump’s name was excluded when a) he is the Republican frontrunner and head of the GOP, and b) Trump has made his internal debate over whether to call his opponent “Meatball Ron” or “Ron Desanctimonious” a part of the political zeitgeist?

Because he’s “out there leading” and “setting the agenda, not just for Florida, but for the country,” DeSantis has taken the GOP assaults like a veteran at softball batting practice, calling it “good feedback.”

He said he must not be doing his job if people are not targeting him.

Trump not being included in the line of questioning seemed like an embarrassing mistake or a calculated decision. Fox News appears to avoid mentioning the Republican party leader by name out of concern for their audience and the network’s ratings.