Ronna McDaniel Predicts Trump Will Pledge To Support The 2024 Nominee 

( A senior Republican Party official has said that all potential contenders for president in 2024 must sign a pledge to back the party’s nominee. This includes former President Donald Trump. 

During her fourth month as chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), CNN’s Dana Bash asked RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel whether or not Trump would be disqualified from debates if he did not sign off on such a vow. 

McDaniel said that Trump signed a commitment in the 2016 election, and she agreed with the notion that Trump would do so again in the 2024 election to help secure President Joseph Biden’s electoral loss. Although signing a vow to support the 2016 presidential nominee and not run as an independent, Trump and the two other contestants still in the race, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Ohio Governor John Kasich, seemed to pull away from it by the spring of 2016. 

It seems likely that “they” will all sign it. 

As McDaniel pointed out, the GOP has not yet announced its criteria for the first Republican primary debate scheduled for August 2023 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but the commitment is anticipated to be included in it. 

McDaniel believes the voters are hellbent on winning, and they don’t want to see candidates on the debate stage publicly declaring they won’t support this person or that person. She believes they should pledge to exhaust all possible means to oppose Joe Biden. To do so requires backing the Republican Party’s candidate. 

Bash played an excerpt from an interview in which Trump said his support for another Republican “depends on the person.” Trump made the remark to conservative radio personality Hugh Hewitt. 

Trump has started using insulting nicknames like “Ron DeSanctimonious” for a prospective opponent in 2024, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Moreover, he made fun of her once Nikki Haley, his former UN ambassador, officially joined the race. 

McDaniel said she believes President Trump would welcome the opportunity to participate in a debate. 

In a recent hypothetical GOP presidential candidate survey, Trump received 43% of the vote from Republican primary voters, with DeSantis coming in second with 28%.