Rudy Giuliani Requests Lawsuit To Be Dropped

( Attorneys representing the 2020 election campaign of former President Donald Trump, along with his former personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, have filed for a defamation lawsuit brought against them to be dismissed.

The suit was filed by a former employee of Dominion Voting Systems who claims that the lawyers had cost him his job by presenting evidence of widespread and systematic fraud in last year’s presidential election.

Eric Coomer was the former director of product strategy at Dominion Voting Systems. He claims in the lawsuit filed in Denver, Colorado in December last year that he was forced to go into hiding over death threats after the Trump campaign publicized a report suggesting that Coomer had told Antifa activists in a telephone call before the last election that the vote could be fixed for Biden.

The decision by the Trump attorneys to request that the suit is dismissed is one of convenience and ease. The lawyers are not arguing the merits of the case – meaning they are not suggesting that the report was wrong. Instead, the lawyers argue that they did not act in malice and that the report was already public knowledge, meaning that public figure Coomer cannot file suit.

“Today I have filed a lawsuit in Colorado in an effort to unwind as much of the damage as possible done to me, my family, my life, and my livelihood as a result of the numerous false public statements that I was somehow responsible for ‘rigging’ the 2020 presidential election,” Coomer said when he filed the suit.

However, it remains unclear whether his claim that the accusations against him are really false.

Among those named in his suit are Sidney Powell, a famed Texas attorney, as well as conservative writer Michelle Malkin, news network One America News, and news website The Gateway Pundit.

Let’s wait and see what the judge says.