Rudy Giuliani Says He’s Proud of His Deeds Even After Conviction

Rudy Giuliani and Judi Nathan at benefit screening of COLLATERAL DAMAGE, NY 2/6/2002, by CJ Contino

The state of political affairs in the United States is increasingly volatile. Indeed, since the 2016 presidential election and the real estate and businessman from New York City Donald Trump’s ascension to the presidency, the country has become increasingly polarized and divided. The national media has only helped to add fuel to the fire, and media outlets have become quite biased on both sides of the aisle. Americans today appear more divided than ever before. As the 2024 election approaches, the country is split, and most polls show that the projected race between the incumbent president Joe Biden and the former president Donald Trump is a dead heat. Trump was recently convicted of a felony in the Stormy Daniels adult film actress “hush money” case in New York, becoming the first president in American history to be convicted.

Additionally, President Biden is quite unpopular. A recent article by the far-right media outlet Newsmax alleges that his approval rating has dipped to 37%, a new low. Regardless, Trump is just as unpopular, with only 41% of Americans viewing him positively. The race is a near toss up, but a recent projection simulation run by 538 shows Biden is slightly favored to defeat Trump, with Biden obtaining a victory in a simulation 53 times out of 100, while Trump obtained victory in a simulation 47 times out of 100. The future is quite uncertain.

Trump is not the only high-profile Republican facing legal problems. A key Trump ally, the former mayor of New York City Rudy Guiliani is facing charges of conspiracy, fraud, and forgery in relation to his activities in the 2020 presidential election. Guiliani alleged  in a statement after having his mugshot taken that he is still “proud” of what he did in the 2020 election despite the charges. Guiliani recently lost a bid to dismiss a hefty defamation judgement of $148 million against him by two Georgia poll workers.