Russia Is Reportedly Having Top Officials Evacuating Ukraine, But Russia Denies It

( Following reports that Moscow officially withdrew all diplomatic staff from Ukraine following failed diplomatic talks with the United States, the Kremlin has rejected the reports and insists that it is not true.

It comes as tensions between Ukraine and Russia reach new heights, with the Joe Biden administration making timid warnings to the Russian government to deescalate tensions and cancel any plans to invade the country.

The New York Times reported on January 5 that all Russian diplomats had been withdrawn from Kyiv and returned to Russia via bus. The report claimed, citing an anonymous security official in Ukraine, that 30 additional staff followed the diplomats.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry strongly denies the claims, however, and issued a statement to Russian news agencies saying that the embassy in Kyiv was “operating normally.” That could mean a lot of things, but it appears to be an attempt at rebuking claims that Russia was withdrawing staff in anticipation of a military encroachment into the country.

If Russia did really withdraw its diplomatic staff, then it might also be an indication that the country is sending a message to Ukraine – although, that message would ultimately be communicated to the rest of the world and Western allies in particular. For that reason, it seems unlikely that Russia is flat-out lying about its embassy operations functioning as normal.

National security experts believe that Russia is preparing to stage some kind of “false flag” attack in order to justify an invasion of Ukraine, but Russian President Vladimir Putin has also repeatedly denied this.

Last week, the Ukrainian government suffered a major cyberattack that took down government websites and displayed threatening messages on the screens of those who tried to access the sites. Kyiv blamed Moscow for the attack, but Moscow has not claimed responsibility.

It remains unclear what is going to happen, but experts predict that war is likely. One expert, the former United States ambassador to Ukraine, Bill Taylor, even went as far as saying that there is a 50% chance of a “major war” between Russia, Ukraine, and allied forces.

Of all times for Russia to pick a fight, they had to do it when we have a senile Democrat in the White House?