Russian Fighter Jet Intercepts U.S. Bomber 

( Over the Baltic Sea, one of Russia’s Su-35 jet fighters intercepted a B-52H Strategic Bomber from the US Air Force. 

Reports reveal that Russia’s Ministry of Defense claimed the B-52 was stopped as it entered Russian airspace. The plane was followed until it was safely into Estonian airspace. 

The Russians claimed the Su-35 intercepted the bomber after the Polish F-16s had returned to base, despite contrary claims from the Polish Ministry of Defense. 

At the same time that Presidents Xi Jinping of China and Vladimir Putin of Russia were holding talks in Moscow, Russian jets damaged a U.S. spy drone for flying too close to Russian-controlled airspace a week ago. 

Polish Deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Blaszczak detailed the hardware his country sent to the Ukrainian military. 

In an interview with Polish media, he explained that, for his part, he thinks several Western European nations are still doing too little. All countries in the Euro-Atlantic region must stand together against Russia’s attempts to upend the status quo. Coordinating EU and NATO activities for Ukraine is also crucial. Countries like Germany, meanwhile, paid mere lip service to deliver aid.  

Blaszczak remarked that Ukraine received the most cutting-edge anti-aircraft air defense systems and tanks thanks to the efforts of Poland. Of course, it’s important to highlight the United States’ pivotal position and unprecedented participation in supporting Ukraine. 

Regarding countries that back Ukraine, Poland is first in line. Blaszczak said they have items like tanks, ammo, and drones for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. They also instruct Ukrainian troops to use Leopard tanks and Krab gun-howitzers. The tanks will be delivered shortly. He also urged NATO partners to do more to assist Ukraine. 

Blaszczak explained that a free Ukraine is a free Poland. Thus they will not veer from this course. It’s also important to highlight the massive humanitarian relief provided. He suggested it was all happening because of Poland.  In response to the plight of Ukrainian migrants, Poles welcomed them with open arms.