Russian Pranksters Tricked The President Of Poland

( Russian pranksters impersonating French President Emmanuel Macron called Polish President Andrzej Duda the night a missile that was thought to have come from Russia hit Polish land.

Before the Polish president’s office noticed the call might be a prank due to the “odd” way the discussion was conducted, comedians Vovan and Lexus managed to speak to Duda for 7 1/2 minutes while imitating French President Emmanuel Macron.

They pressed Duda on his response to the missile that had earlier killed two people and sparked fears of an escalation and perhaps conflicts with Russia by striking farming equipment inside Poland’s borders.

According to a transcript obtained by BNN Poland, Duda reportedly said to the imposter, “Do you believe I want to wage war against Russia?” “No, believe me, I don’t want to have war with Russia, and believe me, I’m extra careful, extra careful.”

Duda said that they didn’t know who launched it, but it was most likely a Russian missile made in Russia,

The impersonators declared, “I think we don’t need escalation; we don’t need it.”

Duda later stated that the explosion was most likely caused by a Ukrainian air defense attack that was unintentionally sent onto NATO territory while aiming for oncoming Russian fire.

Duda was concerned because this was a war, and he believed that one side would accuse the other of being at war.

A nation may request the assistance of its allies to orchestrate a coordinated reaction to hostile acts committed on the territory of another member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), of which Poland and the United States are both members.

However, Duda suggested Poland may use Article 4 of the NATO treaty to request a meeting of the member states to discuss a “concerning problem.”

After the attack, NATO convened an emergency meeting but refrained from invoking Article 4. There was no proof of a planned attack on NATO territory, and the allies confirmed Poland’s prior early suspicions that a Ukrainian air defense missile caused the explosion.

According to Reuters, Duda’s staff is looking into how the Russian comedians could navigate the red tape and talk with the Polish president.