Russian Village Evacuated After Ukrainian Drone Triggers Explosions

Bombs detonated by fragments of a downed Ukrainian drone forced the evacuation of a Russian village in the west. The settlement was in the Voronezh area, where the Ukrainian army has been making steady progress in the industrialized east of the country. 

Although no injuries were recorded, a nearby village in the Podgorensky area had its occupants evacuated. Due to the presence of emergency services, military personnel, and government officials, roads were temporarily closed.

Drones attacked an oil storage facility in the Krasnodar area of Russia the day before, and the perpetrators were the Ukrainian State Security Service. The fire that had been caused at the location by falling drone debris was put out early Sunday morning, according to Russian emergency services. In their morning briefing, the Russian Ministry of Defense did not mention either strike, but they did say that Ukrainian air defense systems had shot down a drone over the Belgorod region.

Russian forces have been pounding the strategically significant town of Chasiv Yar, located in Ukraine’s Donetsk region, for the last month. A Ukrainian military spokeswoman said on Thursday that Kyiv’s forces had withdrawn from a suburb on the outskirts of the town, prompting the current bombardment. Independent Russian news sites Meduza and Mediazona indicate that Moscow’s forces are losing 200 to 250 men in Ukraine every day, suggesting that the Russian troops are attempting to trap their defenders in an attrition war.

Officials in Kyiv restored two-thirds of the country’s power-generating capacity after recent missile attacks destroyed critical power facilities; this was in response to Russian strikes that disproportionately affected Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. The Ukrainian Air Force claimed that all of the missiles were shot down. However, they could not specify which missiles were hit.

Local and regional officials in Ukraine have reported that eight persons have been killed in strikes by Russia in the previous day.