Saudi Arabian King Leaves The Hospital

( Saudi Arabia’s King Salman left the hospital earlier this week after undergoing a series of tests and having the battery in his pacemaker changed. According to the state-run Saudi Press Agency, the octogenarian Monarch went home to rest for several days.

His medical tests were described as “successful” and images were shared to the nation’s media of the king leaving the Riyadh King Faisal Specialist Hospital. While the Saudi King was walking unassisted, he was using a cane and appeared to hunch as he walked.

He was followed by his son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, in the photographs.

Given that the King holds absolute power in Saudi Arabia, his health is closely watched by domestic news outlets and the international media. Should anything ever happen to the king, he will be replaced by his 36-year-old son.

You can see photographs of the king leaving the hospital here:

Following the king’s medical treatment, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Riyadh to discuss the possibility of increasing oil production. It comes after the country rejected requests from United States President Joe Biden to ramp up production in an effort to drive oil prices down globally.

With new sanctions against Russian oil from the U.S., an increase in the production of oil from the Saudis is more important than ever.

If Saudi Arabia doesn’t agree, at this stage, the United States and Europe doesn’t have anywhere else to turn to for oil.

Unless, of course, President Joe Biden finally just admits that his war on domestic oil production was a terrible idea and reverses course. What are the chances of that happening, though?