School Board President Cuts Off Mom’s Microphone, Calls Cops For Slamming CRT

( Outraged parents are calling for the resignation of Pennsylvania school board President Chris McCune after cutting off a microphone when an Iranian mother spoke out against the teaching of Critical Race Theory in the school.

The mother, an Iranian immigrant and mother of three children, expressed her concern about the teaching of the far-left, racist ideology to children in the Chester School District. However, during her speech, McCune cut her off.

She was halfway through telling her story of growing up during the Iranian revolution, when her country was seriously damaged by the spread of communism. She was passionate about stopping the unpopular plans to introduce CRT teaching in the school district, where her two girls in eighth grade and son in high school are taught.

The mother, Anita Edgarian, said how her home is known as the “International House of Pancakes” because her kids have such a diverse group of friends, and then praised superintendent Jim Scanlon for doing a good job for the last 12 years, but that he is leaving the school district in a mess as he retired by bringing division in the form of CRT.

When she received a round of applause from the room, school officials seemed to get scared, and President McCune told her she was out of time. When the mother insisted on finishing what she had to say, McCune then stood up, walked up to the mother, and grabbed the mic from her.

Incredibly, he then ordered officers to escort her out of the building.

The last thing the mother can be heard saying was, “Why did you say you cannot teach history without CRT?”

If a school district plans on teaching CRT with every history lesson, it means one thing…they are redefining history.

Why are schools completely disregarding the totally legitimate concerns of parents who don’t want their children to judge each other based on their race?