School Official Placed On Leave After Admitting To Discriminating Against Religious People

( The Cos Cob Elementary School assistant principal who admitted to discriminating against Catholics in an undercover video was fired.

In Part 1 of Project Veritas’ “Secret Curriculum” series, they documented a Connecticut assistant principal’s bias towards Catholics and conservatives.

Connecticut’s Greenwich – Cos Cob Elementary School’s assistant principal, Jeremy Boland, acknowledged that he discriminates against hiring Catholics.

Under 30-year-old progressive teachers is his hiring preference, according to Boland.

Boland said to the undercover journalist, “Believe it or not, the open-minded, more progressive teachers are savvier about delivering a Democratic message without really ever having to mention politics.”

Boland was proud of himself as he revealed how he ‘gets away with not employing Catholic teachers.

Boland wants to guarantee future Democratic votes from the kids.

At Cos Cob School, Jeremy Boland served as the associate principal.

In the sting video, an anonymous woman questions Boland about the people he hires and why in the 12-minute edited video, which was reportedly taken in July at an outdoor restaurant.

The woman asks, “What will you do about the Catholics, then? How do you determine if someone is Catholic, and what happens next?”

“You don’t hire them,” Boland said.

Superintendent of Greenwich Public Schools, Dr. Toni Jones, issued the following statement:

“Late last night, we learned about a video involving a current administrator from Cos Cob School that had gone viral. We want to conduct a thorough investigation, and we won’t release any information to the public before then. During this time, we kindly ask that you respect the ongoing inquiry.

We wish to remind everyone in our community that our Board strictly enforces our curriculum standards and procedures, and we do not, however, endorse any ideas that call for discriminatory hiring practices based on race, religion, gender, or age.

The video was highly upsetting to several parents.

“People frequently discuss diversity and inclusion, according to Christopher McCormick, whose kid will be attending Glenville School for kindergarten. “I feel left out because of what he did.”

Republican Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo has hired a private investigator
to determine whether this is widespread, how high it rises, and how wide it is. “We want it to be an entirely impartial study,” he stated.

Peter Sherr, a board member for twelve years, claimed that there is more going on than just one bad administrator.

“If you’re familiar with Greenwich Public Schools, you are aware of the presence of this culture there,” he said.

“Discrimination of any type has no place in our society or our school system,” said Rep. Jim Himes in response to the video.

“I have every confidence that the State Department of Education and Greenwich Public Schools will conduct a comprehensive investigation into this matter and hold all involved accountable,” he said.

The “outrage” by the left seems completely disingenuous.