School Removal Over “Assassination Classroom”

According to a report, Citizens Defending Freedom (CDF) is campaigning to get a comic book series banned from Florida schools because it depicts children shooting and murdering teachers and contains offensive language and detailed sexual activity.

After the discovery of the graphic novel Assassination Classroom by the well-known author Yusei Matsui in middle schools throughout the state, the nonprofit group CDF stated on Monday that its members would be challenging the book.

Images of youngsters firing at their alienized instructor are shown in the book, with the goal of saving Earth, as highlighted by Epoch Times.

Female characters wear lingerie and skimpy swimwear, and there are allusions to “boobs” and other sexually suggestive phrases and images that are unacceptable for readers of all school ages. There’s a picture of a female college student sitting on a naked man’s pelvis as the girl holds a pistol to his head.

Citizens Defending Freedom’s National Communications Director Kristen Huber emphasized that this is a bipartisan concern. It’s safe to assume that most people would agree that schools shouldn’t glamorize or promote violent or sexually explicit material, particularly with public funds.

There is a Parental Advisory on the book’s cover. It states that  Assassination Classroom is appropriate for mature teens (age 16 and above) and has been given the T + rating. According to the media source, it has graphic violence and sexual innuendo.

Students between the ages of 10 and 13 make up the bulk of the student body in American middle schools.

According to statistics supplied by school districts to the Florida Department of Education, the vast majority of books withdrawn from classrooms since the start of the school year in 2022 were classified as pornographic, violent, or improper for kids’ grade levels.

According to the numbers, 164 of the 175 books removed were from the school library rather than classrooms. One hundred fifty-three of those books (87% of the total) were culled after the district determined they were violent, pornographic,  or not appropriate for the age group in question.