School Teaches Children How To Hide Illicit Photos From Parents

( Idaho’s state government encourages K-12 students to access pornography and hide it from their parents.

Even though it is illegal for adults to show pornographic material to children under the age of 18, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW) is reportedly purchasing so-called “porn literacy” materials from Education, Training, and Research (ETR), a progressive nonprofit organization.

According to reports, the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) was the first to reveal the IDHW’s extremist agenda. Idaho children will be subjected to a curriculum that promotes power and kinky pleasure, identity, behaviors, and exploration in connection to pornography if they purchase materials from ETR.

According to the IWW, ETR is an interest group that advocates queering education and normalizing pornographic use. Pornography is a necessary topic in ETR materials that must be discussed.

One training video provided by ETR features animated cartoon characters making perverted innuendos. One cartoon figure was seen watching what appears to be obscene content on a tablet before saying, ‘that is enormous!’ and remarking they had no idea it could be so big.

The ETR-sponsored video claimed that it was natural to be fascinated with lust and look at photographs or films of nude bodies or persons engaged in carnal practices.

ETR’s support for youth-adult ‘connections’ has also sparked debate on social media.

The IFF shared a video on Twitter describing ETR’s curriculum, highlighting how ETR teaches youngsters how to hide their pornography usage from their parents.

After learning about Idaho’s detrimental educational curriculum, rightwing journalist Christopher Rufo advocated for the dismantling of state-run education.

On social media, Rufo stated that the Idaho state government is already schooling pupils in porn literacy, teaching them how pornography may excite and inspire imagination. It’s time to end the state-run education monopoly and give families universal school choice.

The Leftist groomers spend a lot of energy abusing children.