Sean Hannity Challenges John Fetterman To A Debate

( Following Fetterman’s use of Hannity in a fundraising call to supporters, conservative radio personality Sean Hannity challenged Fetterman, the Democratic Party’s nominee for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, to a debate on his program on Monday.

After mocking the fundraising pitch, Hannity launched an attack on Fetterman, ridiculing his phony working-class credentials, extreme political past, and living off his parents until he was in his mid-thirties.

Hannity said that It turns out that John Fetterman is a tattooed, spoiled, lazy trust fund brat. “This guy has never had a real job in his life.”

Hannity said that he does wish him good health, noting that Fetterman had recently suffered a stroke. Hannity said he has only made 11 campaign stops in Pennsylvania, compared to Dr. Oz’s roughly 200 since the primary ended.

Then, Hannity challenged Fetterman to emerge from his “basement,” where “you’re trying to hide just like Joe Biden,” and appear on his radio program for three hours and an hour on television on Fox News.

Sean said John could explain the stances John’s taken throughout the years, his lazy lifestyle, how he lived off his mama and dada, how he bought his sister’s house for a dollar, and his stances on heroin and everything in between.

Hannity played several clips of Fetterman, including his stumbling speech after his stroke and his radical views, such as his opposition to fracking, a significant source of jobs and energy in Pennsylvania; his promise to end the Senate filibuster, the only safeguard for the minority party; his refusal to support any restrictions on abortion; his support for “safe injection sites” and legalizing drugs; and his assertion that releasing one-third of the country’s oil reserves would be beneficial.

He added that Fetterman had once drawn a shotgun on an unarmed black jogger, a scene reminiscent of many sad incidents that the Black Lives Matter movement had highlighted.
“Come on, Mr. Tough Guy. Come on, the program. Let’s debate your positions,” Hannity said.

“Bring your hoodie, your tattoos, your spoiled trust fund brat crew with you, and come to my studio and debate me.”