Sebastian Gorka Is Running His Own Investigation Targeting Joe Biden

( Sebastian Gorka believes Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz is a troublemaker, a patriot, and America First.

In his column for Breitbart, Gorka explained there would be pressure on the Republican Party to become serious and investigate the root causes of the widespread corruption in our country, particularly in the White House. Gaetz wants to look into this and summon Hunter Biden as a result.

Gaetz invited Gorka to Capitol Hill this week to discuss an assertion of political power to investigate the corruption of the Biden family cartel. It will be necessary to turn every congressional committee into an investigative committee with the authority to summon witnesses.

Gorka noted that Hunter Biden’s laptops are legitimate. The images have been seen. He and others have gone through the emails and voicemails. Now, there must be consequences so it can appease the 74 million Americans who truly supported President Trump and who desire to live in a country with a solid legal system. We must learn the truth about all those illicit deals with despotic governments. We need to know if our commander-in-chief is susceptible to blackmail from our adversaries or stands to gain financially by working with them.


Gorka explained the need for answers to the concerns around what happened to all the money Hunter Biden got from parties associated with the CFC corporation and the Communist regime in China.


We must summon his associates at Rosemont Seneca and confidants like Eric Schwerin, who handled the overseas revenues of the Biden family as the de facto financial manager.  People like John Robinson “Rob” Walker need to be called to testify, and we need to ask them what happened to the $6 million that China gave the Bidens. Why Joe and Hunter Biden were using the same bank accounts?  Who covered Joe Biden’s mortgage when Hunter made those deals throughout those years? In addition, why does the US President deny any knowledge of his son’s business transactions when we have access to the declassified records of his meetings with over a dozen of his son’s business partners?

Gorka wrote that before his move to the United States, he worked as a special investigator for the Hungarian Parliament’s special committee.  It looked into Prime Minister Peter Medgyessy after discovering that he had formerly served as a Major in the Communist Secret Police.

Gorka has experience looking into corrupt leaders of state with links to the Communist Party. He is prepared to investigate the Bidens. You must demand your Republican representative or senator seek the truth about the Bidens.

We won’t have a shot at justice until politicians know you mean business.