Secret Biden Operative Given Platform To Spin Biden Stories With CBS

( Days before the midterm elections, historian Jon Meacham, promoted President Joe Biden’s electoral message on CBS without disclosing his job as the president’s advisor.

Last Thursday, Biden presented the 2022 election as a contest between “extreme MAGA Republicans'” dictatorial rule and “democracy itself.” Meacham, who is said to have co-written the speech, echoed many of the same themes on CBS’s Sunday Morning, cautioning voters that the midterm elections will determine the future of democracy. He was not acknowledged by CBS or Meacham while serving as Biden’s advisor.

This is the most recent instance of Meacham disguising Biden’s talking points as objective analysis. In a November 2020 appearance on MSNBC, Meacham lauded Biden’s acceptance speech as “poetic” without mentioning that he co-wrote it. After the New York Times revealed that Meacham had a “hand in scripting” many of Biden’s campaign speeches, the network dropped him as a paid contributor. But he is welcome to return as a guest on MSNBC.

When questioned by the Times about his role in drafting Biden’s speeches, Meacham declined to respond. However, Meacham has been nicknamed the “historical muse” by national media, and the president has praised their friendship.

At a presidential town hall in February 2021, Biden said that Meacham had assisted him in putting paintings of prior presidents like Franklin D. Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln on the walls of the Oval Office. This week, The Times reported that Biden took a copy of Meacham’s most recent biography of Abraham Lincoln while campaigning. Meacham claimed on Sunday that people who vote to maintain “democracy” continue Lincoln’s effort to protect the country.

Meacham gave Biden lines for a speech in Atlanta in January, where he said that if Republicans blocked Democratic federal voting legislation, they were working with racist segregationists.

“Would you rather support George Wallace or Dr. King?” Biden remarked about his rivals. “Do you want to support Bull Connor or John Lewis? Do you want to support Jefferson Davis or Abraham Lincoln?”

Meacham made a second appearance on MSNBC on Monday morning to praise Biden’s comprehensive campaign platform, emphasizing that it was “not a partisan topic.”

Joe Scarborough, the host of MSNBC, heard Meacham say, “I don’t have a partisan brain.” But he wasn’t introduced as Biden’s advisor.