Secret Documents Found At Trump’s Mar-A-Lago House, Moved Back To National Archives

( According to the Washington Post, last month the National Archives retrieved fifteen boxes of documents and records from former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home that should have been turned over to the agency when he left the White House.

It could’ve been worse. Trump could’ve pulled a Clinton and stolen the furniture too.

The usual anti-Trump factions took the news of these recovered boxes exactly as you’d expect them to.

As the Washington Post put it, the National Archives having to retrieve these boxes of records raised “new concerns” about Trump’s “adherence to the President Records Act.”

Everything from memos, letters, notes, emails, faxes, and other communications related to a president’s official duties are required to be preserved with the National Archives and Records Administration.

According to the Post, Trump’s people deny that there was any “nefarious intent” when they took fifteen boxes of documents and records. Instead, the boxes contained mementos, gifts, and letters from world leaders.

Among the items retrieved were Trump’s correspondence with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un as well as the letter left for President Trump by outgoing President Barack Obama.

Two former advisors to President Trump told the Washington Post that because Trump didn’t want to pack or “accept defeat” during the transition, the packing process in the final days of the Trump White House was “frenzied.”

The National Archives confirmed the Washington Post’s initial reporting on the story and said the documents retrieved last month should have been transferred to the National Archives in January of 2021. The National Archives also confirmed that Trump representatives at Mar-a-Lago are “continuing to search” for any additional records.

Twenty years ago, after Bill and Hillary Clinton left the White House, they were forced to return thousands of dollars in gifts they took with them when they walked out the door.

Not long after George W. Bush was sworn in, the Washington Post reported that the Clintons took $28,000 in furnishings. The Clintons claimed these were personal gifts when in reality, they were items given to the National Park Service for the White House permanent collection.