Secret Service Reveals No Grand Conspiracy Behind January 6th

( Newsweek’s breathless, histrionic series chronicling the day-by-day events leading up to the so-called “Insurrection” continued on Tuesday by inferring that the Trump administration deliberately downplayed intelligence that Trump supporters were planning to launch an “insurrection” to “overthrow our democracy.”

In Tuesday’s “exclusive” titled “Secret Service Intel Saw No Indication of Civil Disobedience,” Newsweek writer William M. Arkin claims the biggest scandal about January 6 is that the intelligence community failed to anticipate that Trump supporters were planning to launch an “insurrection.”

Arkin points out that the Pentagon “and by inference, the Donald-Trump appointed leadership” are accused of “slow-walking the urgent request for assistance on January 6.” His assumption is the accusation is true.

But then Arkin gets to the meat of the matter. Newsweek obtained a copy of a January 4, 2021 intel report from the Secret Service that cited a video from “Stop the Steal” rally organizer Ali Alexander urging protesters to bring food, sleeping bags, and water when they come to DC.

The report notes that no organization efforts were circulating on the dark web “at this time.” It lists 57 different groups expected to turn up for the “Stop the Steal” rally including 13 different groups of counter-demonstrators and concludes that there was “no indication of civil disobedience.”

The intelligence agencies believed that the possibility of “civil disobedience” was “remote” and improbable.”

And William M. Arkin from Newsweek thinks this is scandalous.

How could they not know that Trump supports planned to launch an “Insurrection” to “overthrow our democracy” and “overturn the election?”

To Arkin’s thinking, this is proof that the intelligence agencies and the Pentagon dropped the ball.

Well, it is scandalous, but not in the way Arkin thinks. There was no coordinated effort to launch an insurrection and there was no intelligence to reflect it. But, thanks to the FBI’s use of carefully-placed “informants” a riot exploded. The scandal is the feds’ involvement in fomenting the violence. But Arkin and Newsweek will never admit that.

Way back in July, Reuters reported that the FBI found no evidence that the January 6 melee at the Capitol was the result of an organized plot to overturn the results of the 2020 election. Between ninety to ninety-five percent of the arrests were “one-off cases,” Reuters reported. The other five percent (if that) were “militia groups that were more closely organized.” But there was no grand conspiracy to “storm the Capitol” and “overthrow our democracy.”

The purpose of this ongoing series from Newsweek isn’t to get to the truth of January 6. The purpose is to reinforce the Democrats’ narrative that Donald Trump instigated an “insurrection” and “right-wing extremist domestic terrorists” carried it out.