Self-Proclaimed “Experts” At Thomas Jefferson’s Home Are Pushing Woke History

( Visitors to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello residence were outraged, complaining that the exhibits and tour guides belittled his legacy.

According to reports, The Brownstone Institute’s founder, Jeffery Tucker, described his recent experience at the Virginia landmark as depressing and damaging to the American founder’s reputation. On July 4th, Tucker visited Monticello to honor Jefferson, who supported emancipation and the separation of church and state.

Tucker explained on “Fox & Friends” that he got precisely the opposite.
They were discrediting Jefferson’s background and reputation, tearing him down, and discouraging everyone on the tour.
Tucker remembered the mansion from his visits as a young man. There was opulence and a majestic feeling about the place.
Tucker remarked to host Brian Kilmeade that the tour now was highly unpleasant, disheartening, and discouraging. Tucker reported the residence as having modern art displayed inside and looked like an estate auction. Jefferson’s accomplishments were downplayed, and the tour guide claimed that his reputation was “wildly inflated.”
According to Dr. Carol Swain, a former professor at Princeton, the 1619 Project, which detractors have referred to as “history recounted through the prism of critical racial theory,” may be to blame for the estate’s woke turn.
We have a great country, and people who despise America are currently destroying it stated Swain. This effort won’t result in anything useful or beneficial. She asked residents of Virginia to restore harmony and deference to the monuments commemorating the country’s founders.
A representative for Monticello said in response to the critiques that their objective is to convey an honest, inclusive history of Monticello in all its elements, as well as Jefferson’s contributions to the creation of the country.
On the other hand, Jeffery Tucker praised Jefferson as a national treasure and said that Americans ought to be proud of his accomplishments. You’d think the Monticello would be a hallowed place, he remarked.
Tucker believed Monticello would be immune to the ‘woke’ sickness, but he was sadly mistaken.