Senators Demand Inquiry Into Case Of Vaccinated Vet

To investigate the VA’s policy of refusing claims for disability for injuries associated with COVID-19 immunizations, six senators from the United States Senate issued an official letter to the VA.

According to a report, Republican senators Marco Rubio (FL), Rick Scott (FL), Steve Daines (MT), Mike Braun (IN), Tom Cotton (AR), and Ted Cruz (TX) have joined forces to advocate for compensation for veterans who suffer vaccine-related ailments.

The senators took action after Rogan O’Handley (@DC_Draino), a political commentator and Turning Point USA ambassador, posted a disturbing account of a 24-year-old Navy veteran who developed myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) after receiving the required Moderna COVID-19 vaccination. The VA disputed the young man’s petition for disability compensation because his illness wasn’t military service-related.

On social media, DC_Draino explained how he met a 24-year-old Navy veteran at the gym last month and wrote about his experience. The veteran had been mandated to have the Moderna vaccination by the Biden administration.

The severity of the young man’s cardiac disease led to his release from the Navy when he got myocarditis. DC_Draino detailed the incident on social media, criticizing the VA for denying the injury was connected to military service.

The six senators from the United States acknowledged the allegations and wrote to the VA demanding an urgent inquiry. DC_Draino claims that Senator Marco Rubio’s office played a significant role in this effort.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), responsible for providing health care and other services to veterans, has an ethical obligation to compensate people who have been harmed due to mandated vaccines required during their time in service.

The consensus is that the VA’s decision dishonors the bravery and dedication of America’s veterans. This is particularly upsetting since these people were obligated by their military contracts to get the immunizations.

During an August Australian Senate hearing, Queensland Senator Gerard Rennick asked Pfizer Australia’s Country Medical Director, Dr. Krishan Thiru, regarding the process through which Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine causes pericarditis and myocarditis. Dr. Thiru was unable to provide a definitive answer.

Former NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci stated in a September interview on ABC’s “This Week” that COVID-19 mRNA vaccinations can cause myocarditis, especially in young males.

This comes following months of brushing off and downplaying concerns regarding COVID-19 vaccination adverse effects.