Shady Billionaire Linked To Democrat Money Funneling

( A foreign billionaire is bankrolling the liberal dark money group that gave millions to gubernatorial loser Stacey Abrams’ efforts to undermine US election integrity.

The California-based “Fund for a Better Future” gave over $3 million to Abrams’ “Fair Fight Action” in 2020. The top donor to “Fund for a Better Future” is Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss. From 2016 to 2020, Wyss’ “Berger Action Fund” gave the dark money group over $45 million.

Armed with millions from a foreign donor, Stacey Abrams’ group “Fair Fight Action” spent big on ads urging the US Congress to pass the inappropriately named “For the People” Act (AKA the Democrats’ attempt to unconstitutionally federalize election laws in all fifty states).

The Swiss billionaire also poured millions into efforts to redraw congressional maps in favor of the Democrats and to lobby the Biden administration’s green energy initiatives.

Federal election law bars foreign nationals from donating to a political candidate’s campaign. But foreign nationals are free to fund US nonprofit organizations. In 2014, Hansjörg Wyss acknowledged that he only has a Swiss passport and does not possess a US green card. According to SEC filings from 2021, Wynn identifies himself as a citizen of Switzerland.

Last year, the watchdog group Americans for Public Trust filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission alleging that Wyss is indirectly funding “federal electoral advocacy through his nonprofit organizations.” Over the years, he has donated tens of millions of dollars to Democrat-aligned dark money groups to help get Democrat candidates elected. US law, the complaint explains, bars foreign nationals from making direct or indirect contributions to political committees.

After the FEC failed to act on the complaint from a year ago, Americans for Public Trust sued the FEC in April demanding a decision. The watchdog’s executive director, Caitlin Sutherland, said in a statement that until the FEC acts on its complaint, “we won’t know the full extent” of Wyss’ “foreign interference in our electoral process.”

Hanjörg Wyss also sits on the board of the left-wing think tank, Center for American Progress. In the last two decades, he has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to American left-wing organizations.