Should Joe Biden Resign Over Classified Documents?

( Will Joe Biden Step Down?

According to 19fortyfive, Some Democrats are upset by his latest scandal.  Every day, Joe Biden’s legal team discovers more classified documents that somehow made their way from secure locations into several  Biden properties. Some classified documents were found stacked in a garage near his prized green Corvette.

Writer Harry Kazianis of 19fortyfive doubts it was Joe Biden who took all these documents himself. It could have been his staffers who carried them out.  But Biden appears trapped in a crisis when he should be planning his re-election run in 2024.  Instead of planning for the future, Joe Biden is now defending his past.

According to a report, Republican Florida Senator Rick Scott stated last May that President Joe Biden is “incapable and incoherent” and should resign.

In an interview, Nikki Haley, a former U.S. ambassador to the UN, suggested that President Biden and Vice President Harris resign over their handling of foreign policy.

Biden’s press conference, according to Haley, was absolutely cringeworthy, and his remarks on Russia and Ukraine revealed far too much.

In an interview with PBS, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy stated that Biden sat for an interview with ’60 Minutes’ and was so concerned about President Trump’s documents, but now we discover that this former vice president has been keeping his documents out in the open at various locations for years.

Kazianis reports that officials of the Democrat Party are furious. One was quite upset, having held senior leadership positions in the DNC only a few years prior. Given that Biden allegedly has extensive national security experience, why would Joe Biden be so careless?  Many believe it might be time for Joe Biden to think about retiring, given how many people point out his noticeable aging right in front of our eyes. He isn’t even the same person he was in 2020.

Biden isn’t the same person he was 15 minutes ago.