Small Elderly Grandmother Fatally Tasered By Police

A small and frail Australian grandmother was fatally stunned by police after she was discovered walking around the Yallambee Lodge care facility wielding two steak knives, according to Fox News. Clare Nowland, diagnosed with dementia, was encountered by New South Wales police officers that used a stun gun to stop her. 

Nowland, 95 years old, reportedly fell and hit her head on the ground. She sustained critical injuries and died shortly after. An investigation into the matter determined that the officer that deployed the stun gun used inappropriate force in the situation. He reportedly told her to stop in her tracks before saying, “bugger it” and stunning the woman. “Bugger it” is a phrase used by the British and Australians when they are upset or angry. 

The report details how the situation spiraled out of control. Police reportedly encountered the woman with nursing home staff. Nowland was in her room with the knives and threw one of the knives at them after being told to put them down. She then went toward one of the officers with the other knife. 

She was informed that she would be stunned if she did not stop in her place. The officer gave her the first warning, and then another, before having a change of heart, resulting in tasering the old woman. 

The woman was transported to a hospital and stayed there in critical condition for a week. She fractured her skull and was bleeding in her brain. The woman was only 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighed 95 pounds. The family of the woman is asking for privacy as they decide what to do in light of the recent information. 

Their lawyer, Sam Tierney, commented on the report, saying that the events that transpired are “shocking.” 

Australia faced criticism two years ago when police were clashing with anti-government protestors.