Smug Gavin Newsom Faces Recall Later This Year

( Democratic Governor for California Gavin Newsom just saw his worst fears come true…he’s officially facing a recall election.

On Wednesday it was revealed that the effort to gather enough signatures to recall the controversial governor was successful, with the 1.5 million signature threshold achieved. After a 30-day period to allow people to withdraw their signatures was passed, only 43 people withdrew, meaning the people of California are very much ready to see their governor fight to retain his seat.

The 1.5 million mark was actually achieved all the way back in April, but after all necessary procedures were completed, campaigners were left with a massive 1,719,900 verified signatures. The number was confirmed by California’s Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber, who announced on Wednesday that a recall election will now be held to determine the next governor of the state.

The Secretary of State confirmed that since the power to recall governors was established in the state’s constitution in 1911, there have been 54 efforts to initiate a recall election, and only one petition succeeded before. It happened in 2003 when Governor Gray Davis was recalled and Republican candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger replaced him.

This time around, Governor Newsom may be up against Republican candidate Caitlyn Jenner, the former Olympic athlete known as Bruce Jenner, who has since become a reality star and figure for trans rights activists.

Analysts believe the election will cost the state $215 million – which isn’t money the state has spare, thanks to the mishandling of state resources by Governor Newsom.

The lieutenant governor will now go ahead and set the date, and voters will be asked on a ballot whether they believe Newsom should be recalled, and if so, to choose a new candidate to replace him.

As well as going up against Caitlyn Jenner, Newsom will also face competition from former Mayor of San Diego Kevin Faulconer, and businessman John Cox.

Could California be about to turn Red?