SNL Jokes About Biden’s Death

( During its show last weekend, Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” segment included a joke that suggested President Joe Biden probably shouldn’t “plan too far ahead.”

In the “Weekend Update” segment, faux news anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che went after several of the Republican midterm candidates like Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker and Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters.

Che then brought up Joe Biden, noting that the president has said he plans to run for reelection in 2024 but will not be making his final decision until next year, adding “it’s like his doctor told him, ‘I wouldn’t plan too far ahead.’”

Yeah? And?

As politician jokes go, that one was mild. Then again, Saturday Night Live usually pulls its punches when joking about Democrats.

It was reported last week that the writers of Saturday Night Live were threatening to boycott last Saturday’s show to protest comedian Dave Chappelle’s hosting.

But would the audience even notice? The writers for Saturday Night Live have been phoning it in for years.

Chappelle has hosted Saturday Night Live in the past. But now that he’s become a “controversial” comedian (AKA he is still funny), the writers for the one-time comedy show reportedly didn’t want to have anything to do with it.

Page Six reported last week that some of the SNL writers were planning on sitting out the episode over Chappelle’s supposed “transphobic” jokes in a recent Netflix show. A source told Page Six that while none of the SNL cast was planning to boycott, some “are not going to do the show.”

However, TMZ reported that the staff meetings ahead of Saturday’s show had been completely full during the week’s rehearsals. A representative for Chappelle told TMZ that every writer was pitching skit ideas the way they normally do.

That could explain why Saturday’s broadcast was just as unfunny as the others.