Someone Lashes Out At Josh Hawley, Interrupting His Speech

( An unidentified woman rushed the stage at the Heritage Foundation in Washington last Thursday while Missouri Senator Josh Hawley was delivering a speech, prompting security to drag her away as she screamed about the “climate crisis.”

The woman, who had been seated in the front row, stood up and made her way to the stage just as Hawley began discussing a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan. The Missouri Republican appeared amused by the woman, looking on calmly as she unfurled a “Code Pink” banner referencing “war and aggression” and started babbling about military spending.

She harangued Hawley for “forgetting” that the US has the “largest military in the world” and blasted him for leaving half of Missourians “in poverty” while the government spends over a million dollars a year on the military.

The shrill protestor prompted laughter from the audience when she claimed that the true enemy of America isn’t China but the “climate crisis.”

By this point, a security guard grabbed the protester’s arm and started to remove her. As she was being dragged away, the woman shouted that the “climate crisis” needs to be taken seriously, adding that it is “our common threat.”

Once she had been frogmarched out of the room, Senator Hawley pointed out that the Biden administration often uses the supposed “climate crisis” to justify “its agenda in Ukraine and elsewhere,” adding that maybe the administration should “visit with that gal.”

During his 20-minute speech titled “China and Ukraine: A Time for Truth,” Hawley proposed a new foreign policy that prioritizes the biggest threats facing the United States. He called for “a new burden-sharing relationship with NATO,” noting that the US must tell its NATO allies that they have to take “first obligation” and “responsibility” both for countering Russia and defending Ukraine.

Watch Senator Hawley’s full speech HERE.