Soros Backed Prosecutor Leads To Murder Going Free!

( St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardener was one of far-Left billionaire George Soros’ first major success in funding campaigns for local district attorneys when he bankrolled Gardner’s 2016 election. And Kim Gardner is not only a virulent anti-police Leftist; she is deeply corrupt and incompetent as well.

Which is probably why George Soros bankrolled her campaign to begin with.

While Gardner has a long string of questionable actions, she is once again in hot water over her office failing to show up for court hearings and turning over evidence in a recent murder case.

The case in question involves Brandon Antoine Campbell who was initially charged in the February murder of his “lifelong friend” Ray Moore. The case against Moore was dismissed last week. Meanwhile, the family of Ray Moore said they learned of the dismission, not from Gardner’s office but from the news.

In the order dismissing charges against Campbell, it was learned that Gardner’s office only turned over some of the evidence to Campbell’s public defender, then in April, stopped going to hearings or providing the full evidence.

The initial prosecutor on the case stopped working for Gardner, and a second attorney was added only after the defense requested the judge sanction Gardner’s office for failing to turn over the evidence. The second attorney assigned was already on maternity leave at the time and was not expected to take over the case for three months.

Between May 27 and July 12, Gardner’s prosecutors missed every single hearing scheduled. During the July 12 hearing, the judge demanded to know why he shouldn’t dismiss the case. Meanwhile, Campbell’s public defender, who had requested a meeting with the prosecutor on maternity leave, never heard back from Gardner’s office.

The judge in the case accused Gardner’s office of abandoning its duty to prosecute those it charged with a crime.

What is also unclear regarding Gardner’s handling of her office is why 33 percent of felony cases filed in St. Louis’ city circuit court are dismissed – this dismissal rate is more than twice that of both St. Louis County and Jefferson County. It is also twice the dismissal rate that was standard prior to Kimberly Gardner taking over the job in 2016.

But that is precisely why George Soros funded Gardner’s campaign. His goal is to populate district attorney’s offices with prosecutors who are simultaneously soft on crime and harsh on law enforcement.

And with Kimberly Gardner, Soros got his money’s worth.