Speech Therapist: 364% Surge in Baby and Toddler Referrals Thanks to Mask Wearing

(RepublicanInformer.com)- According to speech therapist Jaclyn Theek, children across the country are being seriously harmed by ongoing mask mandates that are restricting their normal speech development.

Speaking to WPBF News, Theek revealed how the pandemic caused a spike in patient referrals for toddlers and babies of 364%.

In the interview, Theek said that parents are describing their children’s problems as “COVID delayed,” blaming the fact that children are forced to wear masks while at school.

The wearing of masks significantly delays, it seems, the ability of children to learn language and understand other social markets in conversation when developing their conversational skills.

Children as young as eight months old are being affected by the mask mandate, as this is the age where children learn how to speak by reading lips.

Theek described the importance of allowing children to see their parents’ faces while developing, largely because children are mostly watching the mouth move.

In the same news report, a mother of five children who has witnessed her son struggle with speech development because of the mask mandates explained her frustration with the situation.

“It definitely makes a difference when the world you’re growing up in you can’t interact with people and their face…that’s super important to babies,” she said.

Take a look at the interview here:

You’d think these things would be considered common sense, but apparently it’s come as a shock to teachers and public health officials who still refuse in many parts of the country to drop the mandates.

And if this wasn’t bad enough, once study from Brown University revealed how the IQ scores of children born during the pandemic have dropped by 22 points because of delays in their educational development.

What does the future hold if our children aren’t developing properly?