SPOTTED – Serial KILLER’S Daughter!

Victoria Heuermann, the 27 year-old daughter of Rex Heuermann, the chief suspect in Long Island’s Gilgo Beach serial killings, was spotted at her family’s home in Massapequa Park after a police raid on the residence earlier this week.

Victoria was seen emerging from the car of Robert Macedonio, the attorney representing her mother, at around one o’clock last Wednesday afternoon. Her mother, Asa Ellerup, is Rex Heuermann’s estranged wife.

Victoria was dressed in a beige cardigan and pink pants, and had her strawberry blonde hair tied back in a pony tail. Her manner seemed somber as the attorney escorted her to another car parked some way down the block in front of the house of a neighbor. The street has been subject to police roadblocks maintained by New York State Troopers and the Suffolk County Police Department while Monday’s search warrant was executed.

Upon reaching the car, Victoria drove away for parts unknown. After Victoria left, Macedonio addressed reporters who had been hanging around since the excitement started. The attorney told reporters that Victoria was at the house when the police arrived to serve the warrant. He described the conduct of law enforcement as peaceful and polite, and Victoria as cooperative. He said that he took Victoria to a safe location, and returned her after to retrieve her car. He also said that he intends to examine the affidavit upon which the warrant was issued, in order to ensure that probable cause was properly established.

As of Wednesday the 22nd, law enforcement was still removing storage containers, boxes, and furniture from the home, loading it all into a white box truck. Macedonio indicated that he had “no idea” what was being taken, beyond what could be seen by spectators.

The family, he said, was experiencing significant “post traumatic stress.” He described the discovery that their patriarch may be a serial killer as an “unimaginable” trauma. He also said that when the warrant was served, his client—Asa—was in South Carolina.