Stacey Abrams Begins To Panic Over Election Audit

( Stacey Abrams, the ultra-left-wing “voting rights” campaigner who is widely hailed as the mastermind behind Georgia’s loosening of voting laws that led to two Democrat victories in the last Senate race and Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election, is reportedly panicking over an ongoing forensic audit of Arizona’s ballots from the last election.

Abrams, who ran and lost in the last gubernatorial election in Georgia, told propagandist anchor Anderson Cooper on CNN that the recount is a “continuation of the insurrection.”

The audit taking place in Arizona is being handled by three independent contractors, and live feeds of the recount are available online at all times. It is perhaps the most transparent and detailed audit to take place in American electoral history, but Abrams considers it an insult to democracy…and is trying to compare it to the January 6 riots that were falsely labeled an insurrection inspired by President Donald Trump.

A charge that Trump was not convicted of in the second failed impeachment hearings.

Cooper asked Abrams what she thought of the “so-called audit” (it is an audit, not a so-called audit). He asked what she thought of the UV lights being used to analyze papers, and the “conspiracy theories.”

Cooper did not provide proof of any conspiracy theories, but the audit will dictate whether there are is truth to these theories or not.

““It’s a continuation of the big lie, but more importantly and more concerningly, it’s a continuation of the insurrection, of this attempt to disenfranchise voters and to dismiss the legitimacy of our elections,” Abrams claimed.

If Abrams is so sure of the integrity of Georgia’s election, why is she so afraid of a forensic audit?

“And we know that this is only part of a larger intention. Just today, there was leaked audio from Heritage action for measuring where they admitted that this is model legislation being promulgated across the country through a vast republican intention of limiting access to the right to vote because they think it’s the best way to win. And according to the leaked audio, they’ve been meeting with secretaries of state, governors, legislators, all with the intent of putting forward legislation that will restrict access to the right to vote and make it easier for Republicans to win,” she continued.

Abrams did not explain why it is a terrifying thought that this might be a model for the rest of the country. She also did not explain what she meant by Republicans planning on “limiting access to the right to vote,” and no evidence exists of Republicans pushing to stop people from voting.

Cooper went on to claim the audit was “Orwellian.”

Abrams is terrified. That should probably tell us something…