Star Danny Trejo Punches Man at 4th of July Event for Water Balloon Attack

At a Fourth of July celebration, actor Danny Trejo got into a fistfight with a spectator who hurled a water balloon at him. 

At the Sunland-Tujunga Independence Day Parade in Los Angeles, the 80-year-old Spy Kids actor went absolutely bonkers. 

As Trejo’s vintage convertible chugged along the parade route, he was pelted with a water balloon, prompting him to disembark and confront the man. Witnesses were shocked to see Trejo and the man exchange violent blows, which sent the actor tumbling to the ground and left his pal with a bruised face. 

While Trejo was getting into it, it seemed like someone threw another water balloon at him. Other males joined in as well. The same guy who struck at Trejo later punched someone else, knocking him to the floor. 

As the conflict shifted to the pavement, two little children were also escorted out of the convertible. 

After Trejo threw a folding chair at another guy, the altercation subsided as onlookers dispersed.

Trejo, an ex-con who served ten years in prison in the 1960s, was pushed back from the group by a lady as the altercation came to a close. 

According to online commenters, Fourth of July celebrations in the Los Angeles area often involve the tossing of water balloons. However, Trejo took exception to being singled out as a special guest. 

Trejo said that, typically, people don’t toss water balloons at fancy cars when they pass by.

A witness to the melee, Stanley Herrarte, remarked that the parade is “like a thing” where you throw water balloons back and forth at each other. 

The aging actor criticized the parade participants as “cowards” and referred to the episode as “childish.”

The Los Angeles-born actor has been forthright about his strict upbringing, which includes stints in juvenile hall and state prisons before he got his act together and began a prosperous career in show business.