Starbucks Charged Customer $4,000

( According to a report, an Oklahoma man was charged over $4,000 in tips for two cups of coffee at a Starbucks in Tulsa, forcing him and his wife to postpone a once-in-a-lifetime trip while they battled to recover their money.

The nearly $4,500 bill for two coffees, which should have cost $11.83, could be seen in an image of the receipt. That would have been the final sum if not for a $4,444.44 tip.

Jesse O’Dell claimed to have chosen the “no tip” option at the drive-thru checkout counter at the time. He declared he knew how buttons work, and he did not press that button.

Jesse’s wife, Deedee O’Dell,  revealed to local news station KOKI that while she was out shopping with her four kids, her card was declined. That’s when she discovered the $4,500 charge.

After noticing the charge, Jesse O’Dell claims he and his wife contacted Starbucks immediately, and they were informed that a system error was to blame for the incident.

The O’Dells were informed by representatives of the well-known java franchise that checks would be sent to cover the expenses. However, the checks bounced.  They called customer service 30 to 40 times in one day.

The O’Dells claim they postponed a vacation while they awaited a refund. They also reported the incident to the Tulsa Police Department.

According to a Starbucks representative, the O’Dells received new checks that were cashed on February 6, and the case has since been resolved.

According to Jesse O’Dell, Starbucks admitted the mistake, but the couple still had to cancel their family vacation to Thailand because they had spent all of their money, and the tickets were not refundable.

Jesse and Deedee are advising people to exercise caution when going to Starbucks.

It is unknown if Starbucks gave the O’Dell family additional money to cover the cost of the tickets or just the mistake caused by the tip.