State Rep Asks State To Verify Military Absentee Ballots After Improper Use Found

( An alert about election fraud was broadcast on Monday by Rep. Janel Brandtjen, Chair of the Assembly on Campaigns and Elections.

Three open military ballots addressed to “Holly,” a woman who has never resided there, were delivered to Rep. Brandtjen’s residence.

Brantjen thought this was a part of a Wisconsin vote-stealing plot.

The Gateway Pundit had written extensively about this 2020 voter fraud scheme in several pivotal states when it was discovered that military ballots were cast almost entirely to Joe Biden. We published proof that this happened in Georgia, Arizona, and Michigan.

Kimberly Zapata, the deputy director of the City of Milwaukee Electoral Commission, was fired on Thursday for engaging in election fraud, according to Wisconsin radio presenter Dan O’Donnell.

Director of the Milwaukee Elections Commission Claire Woodall-Vogg, whose questionable behavior has been previously highlighted by The Gateway Pundit, asserts that she thinks Zapata was trying to draw attention to the fact that military ballots can be requested and sent out without a photo ID or even voter registration.

Democrats assert that Zapata sought to demonstrate how simple it was to solicit bogus ballots. And the whole thing was a hoax even though it performed as Zapata had predicted.

Since then, Kimberly Zapata has retained counsel and now faces serious allegations.

Rep. Brandtjen emailed out this update on Sunday night. Brandtjen and several military veterans are asking courts to confirm the status of our courageous service members.

Several veterans and state representative Janel Brandtjen, the chair of the assembly committee on campaigns and elections, have asked the courts to confirm the status of our heroic service members as active military personnel. After receiving three absentee military ballots with fictitious identities at her residence last week, Brandtjen made the decision.

“All of us want to shield the bravery of our military personnel from being dishonorably taken away,” Brandtjen stated. “Naturally, we will ensure that every valid military vote is counted, and we won’t allow criminals to steal their votes,” Brandtjen continued.

Rep. Brandtjen is still confident that the courts will move quickly to confirm a person’s active military status.

On Friday, November 4, 2022, the Thomas More Society, attorneys Erick Kaardal, Michael Gableman, and Rep. Brandtjen filed the complaint.