Staten Island Officials Slam NYC’s Plan to Open Migrant Shelter in Church

In the city of New York, the problem of illegal immigration continues to worsen. Millions of migrants have entered the United States through the southern border over the last several years. The problem has carried over into America’s major cities like New York, San Francisco, Denver, Philadelphia, and other places. As people arrive by the thousands, (and a housing shortage already exists in the U.S.), a crisis has escalated. Migrants and people who are helping these individuals circumvent the law continue to take drastic actions. In the Bronx, earlier in the calendar year at the end of the month of February, a massive migrant shelter was broken down in a basement. 34 beds had been found in a building in the Fordham neighborhood of the Bronx. Reports had been made to the NYPD that alleged that a two story commercial location had been converted illegally to house migrants. After investigating, an entire section of the building had indeed been set up as a dormitory for mass sleeping quarters. 

People across America see the writing on the wall and realize the serious nature of the migration crisis. This has appeared to transcend ethnic and demographic lines. In a recent report by the New York Post, a majority of all U.S. Hispanics now were recently surveyed saying that they do support the mass deportation of millions of foreign migrants living in the United States.

The problem is likely to continue to worsen until a change in Federal leadership occurs.  

The upcoming 2024 presidential election is now less than 5 months from occurring. The former 45th president and the Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump, has stated that he plans to carry out the largest deportation operations in American history. Whether or not this will actually be achieved remains to be seen. Trump has often made wild claims but never actually acted on these statements which routinely reek of political desperation in voting attempts.