Stephen Crowder And Candace Owens In Big Fight

Podcaster Candace Owens is lashing out at conservative podcaster Steven Crowder again after Crowder accused Owens of extorting him by dropping hints about his ongoing divorce battle, Mediaite reported.

During his show on Tuesday, Crowder revealed that he has been going through a “horrendous divorce” since 2021, and expressed his frustration that under Texas law one party can terminate a divorce.

He then turned his attention to those he said are in positions of “power,” “influence,” and “leverage” who were aware of his ongoing divorce battle, saying they knew he was keeping it private for “the safety of my children.”

Suggesting extortion, Crowder suggested that some of the people who knew about the divorce had issued “thinly-veiled” threats. He played a clip from Owens in January in which she defended her employer the Daily Wire after Crowder publicly attacked the conservative media company over a contract dispute. In the clip, Owens revealed that Crowder had “a lot going on” in his life and asked her viewers to pray for him.

Crowder then blasted “self-style Christians” who use problems in his personal life for their own purposes and hinted that he would take legal action.

Rather than keep her mouth shut, Owens decided to double down.

She blasted Crowder for suggesting that she was extorting him, declaring that she “will not take that lightly.”

She said she wouldn’t allow anyone to use his platform to allege that she “harassed” or “threatened” him or “put his children at risk.”

Calling Crowder’s comments “very serious stuff,” Owens said after she saw the segment, she “contacted a defamation lawyer” and will have a cease and desist letter sent to Crowder demanding a “full-throated retraction.” 

Calling Crowder a “crazy man,” Owens suggested that he would only do something like this because he has something “going on personally.” She said this time she isn’t going to ask people to pray for Crowder.