Steve Bannon Brings Election Witness On His Show To Expose Fraud

( Back in November, Maricopa County election observer Jan Bryant testified before the Arizona legislature regarding Dominion’s involvement in handling ballot and counting.

“So I’m, I was in the tabulation center six different days,” Bryant said in her testimony. “Day and night shifts. And no county employees, no IT people, no one else was touching any of the software. They [Dominion] did all the training for the adjudicators, they ran all the reports. And so I brought this up on my very first day in the room. I said this doesn’t seem right, as a person with my background. Never in a million years would I turn my company’s most important things over to someone else. And there’s only two guys [Dominion’s Bruce & John] and they had whole control of everything.”

After the Gateway Pundit reported on Bryant’s testimony over the weekend, War Room host Steve Bannon invited Jan Bryant on to discuss her testimony.

Bryant confirms to Bannon what she disclosed in her testimony — that it was Dominion employees, not election officials who were running the show.


An audit of the votes in Maricopa County is currently underway.

Last week, Pam Karlan, Principle Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ sent a letter to Arizona Senate President Karen Fann raising concerns about the audit.

In her letter Karlan claimed “ballots, elections systems, and election materials that are the subject of the Maricopa County audit are no longer under the ultimate control of state and local elections officials, are not being adequately safeguarded by contractors at an insecure facility, and are at risk of being lost, stolen, altered, compromised, or destroyed.”

However, the news articles Karlan cited to make these claims were, according to the Epoch Times “the opinions of a local Democrat politician and a security expert, both of whom formed their conclusions based on a video prepared by a local news channel. The second and third articles cited by Karlan were published in January and February, before the venue and the contractors for the audit were selected.”

Former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, who was tapped by Senate President Fann to serve as the audit’s liaison, told the Epoch Times that Karlan’s assertions were “completely unfounded.”