Steve Bannon Files An Appeal

( Former Trump White House advisor Steve Bannon recently filed an appeal after he was convicted for contempt of Congress, according to Just the News. The former advisor was sentenced to four months in prison and issued a fine of $6,500 when he refused to comply with a subpoena from the January 6 Select Committee.

Bannon called the investigation a “Moscow show trial” and frequently lambasted the committee for what he suggested was a politically motivated attack. Bannon was found guilty on two counts in July after a two-hour deliberation from a 12-member jury.

Judge Carl Nichols, who knocked down Bannon’s “executive privilege” argument, reportedly ruled against Bannon because he believes what transpired on January 6 is “serious.”

“The events of January 6 were undeniably serious…many of the rioters planned to come to the Capitol with the express purpose of interrupting the proceedings. Many… used violence,” the judge said.

The judge initially gave Bannon until November 15 to file his appeal, at which point he would be expected to “voluntarily surrender” and serve his sentence. But Bannon successfully filed on November 6.

It was also reported that part of Bannon’s conviction was due partly because of his severe criticism of the committee and investigation. Senior writer and journalist for American Greatness released a court document that expresses the prosecution’s desire for a maximum sentence after Bannon was heard using “hyperbolic” and “violent” rhetoric.

“Through his public platforms, the Defendant has used hyperbolic and sometimes violent rhetoric to disparage the Committee’s investigation, personally attack the Committee’s members, and ridicule the criminal justice system. The Defendant’s statements prove that his contempt was not aimed at protecting executive privilege or the Constitution, rather it was aimed at undermining the Committee’s efforts to investigate an historic attack on government,” the filing read.

The Department of Justice also published a document listing Bannon’s offenses when he criticized Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, and the “show trial.”