Steve Bannon Goes To War With Christopher Wray

( Steve Bannon, the former advisor to President Donald Trump and current host of the “War Room” podcast, slammed the director of the FBI this week over allegations that his agency received information in April of last year about the true origins of the Chinese coronavirus.

It follows questioning from Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, directed towards Christopher Wray, about what his agency knew about the origins of the virus and whether they did, in fact, receive information suggesting it came from a lab in April of last year.

And Wray…didn’t answer the question.

Bannon said that it was this kind of tough questioning from Matt Gaetz that explains the attacks against the Republican Congressman, who is the focus of an investigation into claims that he traveled across stated borders with an underage girl to engage in sexual activity.

You can see Wray getting questioned – and getting uncomfortable – when faced with tough questions from Rep. Gaetz here.

He claimed that the establishment wants to take down Gaetz “because he’s one of the few guys who has the stones and the intellect to brace up a guy like Wray right here.”

You can watch Steve Bannon tear into the establishment and Christopher Wray here.

Wray was asked about interactions between the FBI and Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese scientist. Gaetz claimed that the FBI seized the scientist’s phone when she arrived in the United States on April 28 and planned to interview her on several occasions.

Yan is a whistleblower who has spoken out publicly, including in media interviews, about the alleged coverup from the Chinese government. She claims that the virus originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and if the FBI had seized her phone, surely they would have known plenty about it…

Wray said there wasn’t much he can say about specific investigations, but added that he will continue to be vocal about the “counterintelligence threat” that the Chinese Communist Party poses to the United States…which wasn’t an answer.

Watch Bannon’s scolding attack on Wray and we’re sure you’ll agree it’s pretty justified.

What did the FBI know, and what aren’t they telling us?