Steve Bannon Reveals New Plan To Followers

( Writer John Johnson from Newser published a bizarre piece on September 6 complaining how supporters of Steve Bannon, former adviser to President Donald Trump, are preparing to start working in local election precincts.

If we didn’t live in Clown World, this would be a non-story. People getting involved in politics is a good thing, and having local people working in their local election precincts to ensure free and fair elections, is a good thing for America and ensures election integrity.

But to Johnson, it’s terrifying. In the piece, he cites an investigative report by ProPublica that explains how Bannon’s followers getting involved in elections might affect those elections all over the country.

He explains how Bannon is urging people to assume roles in which they would have influence over the logistics of elections. Precinct Officers help decide how elections are run, and Johnson claims that it’s something that Bannon has “seized upon” – and implies that something nefarious is going on.

But the thing is…Bannon has never called on his followers to do anything illegal, immoral, or anti-democratic. In fact, Biden has repeatedly called on his supporters to take part in local elections and democracy in this way to ensure that elections are performed according to federal and state laws.

He noted how, shortly after the 2020 presidential election – which evidence shows was plagued with misconduct and fraud – Bannon called on people to maintain the “fight” and that the “fight must be won.”

“We’re going to take this back village by village,” Bannon said.

Which sounds…like a great idea. Local politics is important.

It’s unclear what exactly the writer of this piece is scared of, however. If the American people want to support local Republicans, and don’t accept the woke narrative of today’s Democrats, then what’s the problem?

Left-wing journalists just don’t want Republicans to take part in elections.