Steve Bannon Says People Finally Realize They Can Fight Back

( Today saw another epic rant by Steve Bannon on War Room.
The American people are rising, and the Democrats are in a panic!
Bannon said he wanted to cut to the chase:
Whatever Democrats think about this, he doesn’t care if they don’t like hearing it- Democrats can only win if they cheat. They’ll need the media to act as a Praetorian Guard for them, or else they’ll have to cheat with the mail-in ballots, with all the fraudulent votes, and other such gimmicks.
Bannon said their day had come to an end:
It’s a two-pronged attack plan. On the one hand, you have DeSantis. You’ve got Elon Musk on the other. The Dems are having a horrible week.
They see that a new reality has emerged and that the right will not stand for this any longer. The fact that conservatives are not going to accept this from companies any longer, many people are beginning to recognize that we can not only punch back but also play smash-mouth!
Musk has the left jammed up right now, and they are in full meltdown. The Dems see that the vast majority of the public agrees with DeSantis and Musk. This is beyond lobbyist now. They can’t help them.
The left had a rigged game in the social media sector and didn’t care if it lost money. This was evident because another entity had no competitive offer after Musk’s initial bid to takeover Twitter.
This has been rigged from stem to stern, and “we are going to unrig it.”
Bannon said if you thought the fight was tough before, you haven’t seen anything yet:
We’re going after what the right has allowed to metastasis for 30 or 40 years.
The financial oligarchs are not going to sit idly by.
Every day is going to be Stalingrad.