Steve Bannon Says RNC Took Money From Republicans Then IGNORED Voter Fraud

( During an episode of Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast this week, the former Trump advisor claimed that the Republican National Committee collected huge sums of money to fight election fraud…and they’re just sitting on it!

Bannon, who was talking to his guest Mike Lindell, said that the RNC is taking money from Republicans and sitting on as much as $50 million that has already been donated to help fight election fraud.

Why aren’t they spending it?

Bannon asked why the RNC is sitting on the money rather than using it to help with forensic analyses of ballots like the audit currently taking place in Arizona.

He told viewers that if they receive anything in the mail from the RNC, they should take a photograph of it on their phone, and then either burn it or throw it out.

Bannon also asked Lindell, who is fighting a multi-million-dollar lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic who have accused him of defamation for claiming election fraud was committing using voting machines, if he has been offered any resources or assistance from the RNC…and the answer wasn’t good.

Lindell said that the RNC has not offered any help, but said that they used the issue of fighting against election fraud to raise money in December. He said that the RNC would reach out to regular donors saying they are investigating election fraud and need money to fight it.

So, uh…why aren’t they using that money to fight election fraud?

The results of the Arizona forensic audit could be announced next month, and if they prove election fraud did happen, Republican officials who refused to work with former President Donald Trump to investigate the fraud earlier will have a lot to answer for.

We could be stuck with an illegitimate president for the next four years…